The launch of multiwire machines is the opportunity for us to put on the market a new diamond wire specifically designed for these machines and which is of the high quality that is required for this application.

To saw a granite block into thin slabs, the classical procedure using a grit-set frame is often chosen for two main reasons, namely a very competitive cost and a well understood procedure.

However, the drawbacks remain obvious: limited productivity (7 cm/h) and thus poor flexibility, water recycling, labour costs, an increase in the sawing cost per m2 for thick slabs, the large installation area. It is for these reasons that this application has been the subject of numerous attempts to develop machines fitted with diamond tools, that have now lead to the marketing of multiwire sawing machines.

With the new wires customers gain a decrease in the sawing costs and a improved productivity. Moreover, to avoid the long and costly remounting operations the 7.3 mm and 6.3 mm are “one use”.

For optimum use the following is necessary:

  • The blocks have to be squared at the top and the bottom before sawing.
  • The minimum block length has to be 2.5 m or more.
  • The blocks have to be installed and cemented on three supports.
  • The standard wires for multiwires machines are injected with transparent plastic and they contain 36 beads/m.

All the wires are sharpened.